`Titanic` to return to the big screen, in 3D: Report

Los Angeles: James Cameron`s blockbuster ‘Titanic,’ the second-biggest earner in film history, will be released in 3D in 2012, a year that will also see a 3D re-release of ‘Star Wars,’ The Hollywood Reporter said Friday.

The Hollywood Reporter said film studios Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment were planning on re-releasing ‘Titanic" in April 2012, 100 years after the mammoth passenger steamship plunged into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

That could put it out in theaters around the same time George Lucas`s ‘Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace’ is due out in 3D, the first in a planned series to do so.

The company in charge of converting Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet`s tragic love story into 3D has not yet been chosen, but the cost is estimated at 10 to 15 million dollars, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Plans to convert 2D films to 3D have come under heavy criticism in Hollywood after the 3D release of ‘Clash of the Titans’ was a major flop.

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