`Twilight` makes Greene`s career `difficult`

Los Angeles: Actress Ashley Greene feels ‘Twilight’ has made her career "a little difficult" and says it is especially tougher to get work in "in-depth films".

Greene, who has portrayed the role of Alice Cullen in the vampire series, is grateful for the part, but admits it can be a problem for her sometimes, reports contactmusic.com.

"It`s hard sometimes when people just say, `Oh we don`t want anyone from `Twilight`. ‘Twilight` has been amazing, but it`s made things a little difficult because you have to prove yourself if you want these really in-depth films," said the 25-year-old.

However, proving herself is not hard because she is willing to go to extreme lengths to take part in a movie she loves - even breaking walls.

"I broke someone`s wall the other day. I was in an audition and the director said, do you remember the scene in the script where you have to fight for your boyfriend`s life? I want you to work yourself up and charges across the room like you’re running to save him.”

"And after I did it, I couldn`t compose myself and I just started crying. And then they asked if I wanted to do it again, and I did, and I ended up putting a hole in the wall.` I was like, `I`ll totally pay for it, I`m so sorry!`" she told GQ magazine.


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