A New York Winter`s Tale` isn`t for everyone:Colin Farrell

PTI| Last Updated: Mar 12, 2014, 11:30 AM IST

Hollywood star Colin Farrell admits `A New York Winter`s Tale` is not for everyone.

The 37-year-old actor, who is starring in the film alongside former `Downton Abbey` star Jessica Brown Findlay, said the romantic drama will not be a favourite for everybody since it is too sweet, reportedly.

"It`s not for everyone. I know that for some people it will be too sweet. But it`s also a very beautiful and very optimistic and very kindly intentioned film that has not a shard of malice in it, and I`m hoping that the people who will enjoy it, will really enjoy it," he said.

Farrell`s equestrian skills made it easier to film scenes where he rode Athansor, a mysterious white horse who becomes his alter-ego`s guardian angel.

"That was a hairy ride, man. People can get thrown off horses, you know? And I don`t mind for myself because I`ve been thrown off horses before, and it`s fine, it`s cool, you just get back on again.

"I don`t even mind how wild the horse is - although the horse we used in the film was pretty cool and mellow. But I did fear riding with Jessica in the back because I`m not that good a horseman.