A R Rahman`s `Tere Bina` in Disney movie `Planes`

Houston: Oscar-winning music composer A R Rahman`s track `Tere Bina` from 2007 film `Guru` will get prominent placement in Disney`s 3D animated film `Planes`.

The song was selected by `Planes`s` music coordinator, Francis Debbane and licensed by Sony Music Entertainment India. The track will be played during a romantic scene in the film showing planes fly over the Taj Mahal in India.

In addition to Rahman`s music, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is starring as Ishani, the female romantic lead in the film opposite Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook).

Ishani`s character was designed to have an alluring look, most importantly her smoky, kohl-rimmed eyes as per the films animator, T Dan Hofstedt.

"Ishani`s eyes had to be extra appealing. It`s Disney tradition that the eyes of female characters are a little more curvy in shape. We might bring the lids down a bit so they`re cutting into the iris and pupil," said Hofstedt.

Ishani is also shown wearing a henna tattoo that stretches on her wings and across her fuselage. The tattoo was researched and designed by art director Ryan Carlson, and executed by character designer Scott Seeto. The film`s technical credits feature more than 100 Indian names working with Prana Animation Studios, a company based in Los Angeles and Mumbai that offers 3D animation and visual effects in collaboration with Hollywood studios such as Walt Disney, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Karan Johar`s Dharma Productions and many others.