Acting is exhausting: Kate Beckinsale

London: Actress Kate Beckinsale considers going to rehab after making a movie because it is so tiring.

The 38-year-old always feels drained after shooting a film but she was impressed by how hard her director husband Len Wiseman worked on their new movie "Total Recall" and says his efforts put actors to shame.

"It`s so immersive for a director doing a movie like this and I really feel like I`ve got so much more insight into that that I ever would have had before," quoted Beckinsale as saying.

She added: "We`re sprinters, actors are. We come in and then we do the sprint and then we go, `Oh my God, I`m so tired, I must go on holiday immediately, I`m exhausted, maybe I will go to rehab.`And Len has been doing it for two years, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It`s extremely impressive and kind of humbling."