Actress Isla Fisher writes her own comedy script

Updated: Mar 07, 2011, 18:47 PM IST

London: Actress Isla Fisher was so frustrated with the lack of good comedy scripts for actresses that she wrote a script on her own.

The "Wedding Crashers" star, who is married to actor Sacha Baron Cohen, felt the only way she could get a good role was to pen "Groupies", which she will co-star in with Amy Poehler, reports

When asked how her script is developing, Isla replied: "Oh you mean `Groupies`? After `Wedding Crashers` I was just surprised as to the lack of comedic female material there is. So I had to start working and getting stuff out there for myself".

"`Groupies` is pretty close to being ready and I`ve got another movie called `Life Coach` which I`ve been working on. Hopefully one of them will go soon. It`s more frustrating being in development than it is just to be cast in something. It`s a lot of things involved."

The movie talks about Isla`s and comedienne Amy`s rock groupie characters, and they are also set to produce it.

This isn`t Isla`s first foray into writing - the 35-year-old actress has also written two novels but has previously revealed she has no plans to return to her old job.