Alice Braga teased on `Predators` set

Los Angeles: Brazilian actress Alice Braga was teased by her ‘Predators’ co-stars when she landed on the sets wearing a dress on the first day of shooting.

"The first day I came to set wearing a dress and (co-star) Oleg Taktarov looked at me and said, `You can`t wear a dress (for this film)`. I said, `What do you mean? I`m a girl. You better be careful what you say because I`m carrying a gun!`" said Braga.

She added that being surrounded by men all the time on the sets made her long for some female company.

"I was dying to hang out with the girls from the crew while I wasn`t on set because I found myself talking about motorcycles. I thought to myself, `I really need to get a manicure right about now.`"


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