Angelina Jolie met real secret agents for `Salt`

London: Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was bowled over after meeting super tough female agents to prepare for her role in "Salt" because they looked "soft and sweet" like a mother.

Jolie stars as a CIA officer on the run in the upcoming blockbuster and researched her role by sitting down with real-life secret agents, reports

"We met women who were in the CIA. We met tough, extraordinary women who look soft and sweet, like someone`s mom, and they are tougher than any of us," she said.

"They are extraordinarily strong women and there are women in the army right now and across the world fighting wars. There is no question to me about a woman`s ability," she added.

Jolie insists meeting the fearless agents inspired her to excel in her own stunts.

"I think I should probably be more fearful in some ways because sometimes I`m a little fearless to the point of stupidity. I`ve got the scars to prove it. But I`ve been so fortunate in my career that I`ve been able to do these types of films that I`ll admit I`m now an adrenalin junkie," she said.

"I do love to jump out of things and on to things, so I don`t really have a great deal of fear when it comes to those things... They can tell me what to jump off of and I trust them and I close my eyes and it`s Ok," she added.



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