Angelina Jolie says she was scarred by `Salt`

San Diego: She wasn`t in 3-D. She wasn`t computer generated. She wasn`t even wearing a costume.

That didn`t stop Angelina Jolie, clad in a snug shiny black jacket, from dazzling the crowd at Comic-Con on Thursday afternoon as she promoted her spy action-thriller "Salt," which opens Friday.

"She`s so pretty," said convention goer Christina Torres, who waited Thursday morning in a line that snaked outside the San Diego Convention Center to catch Jolie in the flesh. "I mean, I always knew she was pretty, but when you see in her person, you realize just how pretty she is."

The A-list actress tiptoed around fan questions about her mysterious character Evelyn Salt, who may or may not be a Russian spy.

"There`s a real duplicity to her personality," she said. "There`s a part of her that`s not necessarily a good guy, and because of certain things that happened to her, she`s a bit damaged. She`s not just heroic. She`s not even. She`s not just brave. There`s something a little off about her, and maybe there`s something off about me."

Jolie performed her own stunts in "Salt" and recounted an on-set injury to the audience that left her scarred. She sliced open part of her face just above her nose when tumbling into a doorway with a gun.

Jolie said she first thought she suffered a concussion because she couldn`t hear anything, but later realized she was wearing earplugs.

Comic-Con continues at the San Diego Convention Center through Sunday.

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