Angelina Jolie says WW II hero Zamperini`s `Unbroken` story was `life-changing`

Sydney: Angelina Jolie has revealed that after directing `Unbroken`, which is based on World War II prisoner of war survivor Louie Zamperini`s story, she feels like she has changed for the better.

In a statement released by Universal Pictures, the 38-year-old actress said that it was a real privilege to bring the 96-year-old American war hero`s story to screen, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The Oscar-winning star said that it was hard to make a film worthy of a great man like Zamperini, but she is deeply honoured to have had that chance.

The mum-of-six added that she will do all she can to bring Zamperini`s inspiring story to life.

Zamperini`s story was first documented by author Laura Hillenbrand in a book, titled ` Unbroken : A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption`, which chronicled his survival at the sea before being imprisoned by Japanese forces.

Jolie added that she has learned so much from Hillenbrand`s book and feels that Zamperini`s story has made her a better person.