Anil Kapoor to play Indian playboy in 'Mission Impossible 4'

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: At 55, life has just begun for Anil Kapoor. Grapevine has it that the Bollywood star’s role in ‘Mission Impossible 4’ has been modeled on Playboy chief Hugh Hefner. It is also being believed that Anil has some sweltering scenes with the lead actress of the film, Paula Patton.

Bollywood sources confirm that Anil has just returned from Prague after meeting Tom Cruise and director of the film Brad Bird.

Sharing his excitement with the media, the actor said, “MI4 should keep me rolling as far as future Hollywood projects go. I am going to go out there and have a good time”

It is assumed that his role in MI4 will trait him acting the character of an Indian playboy called Brij Nath, who is carrying weapons with global links far and beyond.

After having worked for ever three decades, Anil said he is going to enjoy his stint in Hollywood besides doing films here in Bollywood. He further states that he never realized ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ will open up such fantastic exciting avenues for him.

About his age, the actor says, “Honestly, age is just a number in my head. I am still a newcomer in the West”.