Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell in ‘Scream 4’

Los Angeles: Hot news out of the horror world Wednesday: ‘True Blood’ star Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell will make cameos in ‘Scream 4,’ now shooting in Michigan.

The Wes Craven project has a top secret script, but those in the know say the cameos are in similar nature to that of Drew Barrymore`s in the original ‘Scream.’ The 1996 movie opened with an electrifying sequence of Barrymore forced to play a phone game with the killer. Jada Pinkett Smith and Omar Epps made cameos in ‘Scream 2.’

USA Today broke the news. The Hollywood Reporter learned about the cameos a little while back but complied with a request to hold the reveal as a service to movie fans.

The script, according to insiders, is 140 pages long. The general rule of thumb is that one page equals one minute of screen time; 120 pages is already long by horror movie standards, so expect some serious cutting (no pun intended) in the editing room.

Also, the movie was originally scheduled to have a 42-day shoot, with the last day occurring on Labor Day holiday weekend (September 4-6). Now, the actors have having their stays extended to the new wrap date, September 24.

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