Ashley Greene intimidated before starting a movie

London: Ashley Greene, best known as Alice Cullen of the `Twilight` series, says she finds every movie she signs terrifying because she is worried she won`t do a great job.

The 24-year-old actress says she always enjoys the opportunity to join new films, including forthcoming comedy `LOL` but is always "intimidated" before starting, reported Contactmusic.

"It has been equally terrifying and exhilarating. With `Twilight` at least you are basically growing with this character. So doing something like `LOL` that is a comedy, which I have never done before, with an incredible cast and a really great director was very intimidating.

"But I feel like if it wasn`t that way there would be a problem. Everything I do I am a little bit afraid of because I care about it and I want to do a great job. It`s a new territory and it`s uncharted (sic)," Greene said.

The actress found the role in `LOL` hard because she is used to playing "super sweet" unlike in this where she plays a bad girl.

"In `LOL` I play the kind of bad girl and that is something that I had never done before. I think it`s a lot easier to play the super sweet perky character because I relate more to that I think.

"So that was certainly a departure. I wanted to make sure that people and fans would respond to it. I wanted to make sure that she had reasons behind the way she was acting. So that was kind of a tricky film situation," she said.


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