Banderas lends voice to 3D animated film

Granada: Spanish actor Antonio Banderas has lent his voice to one of the main characters in ‘Justin and the Knights of Valour’, a feature-length 3D animated film scheduled for release next year.

The English-language movie is the latest project of Kandor Graphics, a Spanish animation studio in which Banderas is a partner and which received an Oscar nomination for best animated short film in 2009 for "The Lady and the Reaper".

Banderas told EFE during a visit to the studio`s headquarters in the southern city of Granada, that the film - about a boy on a quest to become a knight against his father`s wishes - "is a homage to the values that unfortunately no longer prevail as much, such as love, loyalty and bravery".

Although the film will not hit theaters until 2013, Kandor`s latest production has already been sold to 123 countries.

Banderas, who voices the character of Sir Clorex, a phoney and vain "Latin lover", said the role forced him to use a "completely different" register to that of his acclaimed "Puss in Boots" character in the "Shrek" franchise.

"Puss in Boots is a small character to which I gave a big voice and this is a big and muscular character to which I gave a very tiny voice," Banderas said.