Ben Affleck helped Matt Damon with film script

New York: Screenwriter-director Ben Affleck gave his long time friend Matt Damon a helping hand with his latest movie project by reading over his script.

Affleck, who won an Oscar for writing 1997 movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ with Damon, gave his friend plenty of tips while he was working on ‘Promised Land’ with John Krasinski, reported a leading daily.

Damon and Krasinski both star in the film and wrote the script together, and ‘The Office’ star said that he was grateful to have help from ‘Argo’ director Affleck.

"He read the script, pretty much every other draft along the entire way. We were really lucky to have his advice and his blessing because he really loved the movie," Damon said.

‘Promised Land’, directed by Gus Van Sant, highlights the controversial gas extraction technique known as fracking and tells the story of two salesmen who attempt to buy drilling rights from residents of a small town.