Ben Affleck might just pull off the dark crusader

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

New Delhi: Ben Affleck is all set to play the next Batman and it has created an uproar on the social networks. People are signing petitions, making memes, drawing cartoons in just a few hours after the announcement was made.

While the Christian Bale was highly appreciated for his dark portrayal of Batman in Chris Nolan’s Batman’s trilogy, the audience finds it hard to forget the ‘Daredevil’ fiasco.

As many fans of the Gotham’s crusader join the bandwagon in opposing the Affleck, some have even spoken in favour of the star. Ben Affleck has definitely grown as an actor as well as a filmmaker in the past few years. With a slick script and right kind of direction, the actor may not be a bad choice after all. The brooding image of batman may become a responsibility that Ben might be able to carry easily.

When Chris Nolan cast the Australian actor Heath Ledger as joker, many had mocked the choice, but it was possibly one of the best super villains cinema has seen ever. The manic depiction of the Joker bamboozled the fans, getting a posthumous Oscar for ledger, and making the movie a legend in its own right.

It is understandably difficult for people to envisage Affleck repeat the intensity of Christian Bale. But predicting straight off that he will be a failure or a disappointment is a bit harsh on the star.

Ben Affleck stars in the much awaited superhero motion picture which brings together Batman and Superman – being played by Henry Cavill and directed by Zack Snyder on a yet unfinalised script. Perhaps, that should be the point of consternation for the Batman enthusiasts.