‘Black Swan’ involved in lawsuit

London: ‘Black Swan’ has become embroiled in a lawsuit filed by a New York film production company.

Bosses at Overnight LLC are locked in a legal battle with the company`s former president over who won the firm a credit on the new movie.

Executives, led by producer Rick Schwartz, have claimed Aaron Kaufman "misrepresented his knowledge, skill and experience (and) pretended to be knowledgeable about the financing of motion pictures when he was not."

The suit, filed at a court in Manhattan, accuses him of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and misappropriation of corporate opportunity.

Kaufman has slammed the claims and hit back, alleging Schwartz only received a credit as executive producer on ‘Black Swan’, starring Natalie Portman, because of his help and has vowed to counter-sue over the matter.

"Literally every point is either baseless or shaded to the point of being a lie. Literally there is not almost a single factual thing in the lawsuit, and he goes after me personally, which is libelous," the Daily Star quoted Kaufman as telling Reuters.



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