‘Bond 23’ to get $45 mn from product placement

Updated: May 05, 2011, 09:32 AM IST

New York: The 23rd movie of the super hit `Bond` franchise has set a new record for product placement revenue after clocking in USD 45 million with advertising.

Producer MGM and distributor Sony have shattered the previous record of USD 20 million set by Tom Cruise starrer `Minority Report`, reported Huffington Post online.

Corporate influence in 007`s adventures is nothing new, he raced around the worldwide in a name-dropped Aston Martin for years before deliberately switching over to a BMW.

Known for his fine taste in luxury, Bond`s watches, clothing and other accessories have long been sponsored by those looking for good marketing by association.

In 2006, Forbes noted that Sony had cut back to six brand advertisers in `Casino Royale`, eschewing them for promotional partnerships and higher costs for those that do put their products in the film. In comparison the 2002 film `Die Another Day` had nine partnerships.

The much-awaited film will be directed by Sam Mendes and will star Daniel Craig.