Brad Pitt wants prisoners as movie extras

IANS| Updated: Dec 03, 2013, 17:34 PM IST

London: Actor Brad Pitt reportedly wants to hire prison inmates as extras for his film.

The 49-year-old is currently shooting for ‘Fury’ in Chilterns, south east England, which is just yards away from the high security men’s prison - The Mount - in Hertfordshire.

"Brad is fascinated that the prison and 800 caged men are so close to where he’s working," quoted a source as saying.

“He’s requested a visit to The Mount and has asked director David Ayers whether any of the prisoners could be used as extras as part of their rehabilitation and educational programme," the source added.

Pitt, known for movies like ‘Babel’, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, and ‘Moneyball’, wants to give the prisoners a second chance in life.

“Brad is always trying to imp­rove and help wherever he sees possibilities, something he’s learnt from his years with Ange (his partner Angelina Jolie)," said a source.

“And despite the severity of some of the crimes the prisoners have committed, he wouldn’t be nervous at all about working with the inmates. He’s someone who believes in second chances," the source added.