Brad Pitt’s `Moneyball` gets overwhelming public response

Washington: Brad Pitt’s fans are excited about his new baseball movie, ‘Moneyball’, and lined up for hours at the movie`s premiere in Oakland, California, Monday night.

While some were gaping to catch a glimpse of their favourite actor, others were supporting their home team.

"This is a special screening for us. The people of Oakland gave us such a great response. They stayed up with us for hours on end to tape the baseball scenes and never lost energy," Fox News quoted Pitt as telling The Mercury News.

‘Moneyball’ which is the true story of the rise of the Oakland A`s under general manager Billy Beane, has generated so much buzz in the sports world, that the actor is being featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, even though he knows little about the sport.

"It`s shameful how little I know about baseball. ... I``m amazed they let me do this movie," Fox News quoted him as telling SI.

However, being an Oklahoma-Missouri boy is the one aspect of baseball life that Pitt is familiar with.

"I`m an Oklahoma-Missouri boy, so I``m no stranger to a bit of dip. We start early with that, so really, I was just revisiting my roots," he added.


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