Bradley Cooper set to play ‘Flash’

London: `The Hangover` star Bradley Cooper is set to join Hollywood`s superhero league as he is being lined up to play ‘Flash’ in a comic book adaptation.

The 35-year-old actor is the favourite to play ‘Flash’, who possesses super speed, in the film which is being written by Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green, reported a website.

The character originally appeared in `Flash Comics`, created by writer Gardner Fox in 1940 and has seen a number of recreations, including a 2009 six-part mini-series titled `The Flash: Rebirth`.

The `A-team` star is currently busy shooting for the sequel of `The Hangover`, and will also appear in `The Dark Fields` alongside Abbie Cornish, Anna Friel and Robert De Niro.

The actor who is dating `Bridget Jone`s Diary` star Renee Zellweger had recently dismissed reports that he will star in M Night Shyamalan`s next supernatural thriller.