Bradley Cooper to turn screenplay writer

London: Bradley Cooper is all set to turn a screenplay writer, as he is putting together a script for a big screen adaptation of a science fiction book series.

"There`s this series of science-fiction novels called `Hyperion` by Dan Simmons... My friend and I went to Graham King, who owns the rights to `Hyperion`, and we wrote a treatment on spec saying, `Look we know this is very audacious, but could you just read this spec we wrote? We think we have a way in which to tell this story`," quoted him as saying.

"So now we`re negotiating and... who knows what`s going to happen? Ideally I`d love to direct it (but) there`s no way! I shouldn`t say that, you never know. This is a huge movie, this would be an epic movie. But at least we`ve taken the reins and said, we`re going to go after it and now we`re gonna write the script. At least we have a shot to write the script for `Hyperion`," he said.

Cooper also revealed that he planned to eventually step behind the camera and focus on directing.

"Ultimately I would love to direct - that`s ultimately what I wanna do," he said.


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