Broody gained 25 pounds for ‘Predator’

Updated: Jul 02, 2010, 16:35 PM IST

New York: Adrian Broody has taken movie preparation to a whole new level for his next flick ‘Predator’

The Oscar winner from `The Pianist’ reportedly gained 25 pounds and took to sleeping in the jungles of Hawaii for his role in his new movie ‘Predator’.

“I was isolating myself and studying tons of military manuals and learning tactics. I was spending time alone in the jungle. We were shooting in Hilo, Hawaii, which is the rainiest place in the United States. And I was in this dense, almost prehistoric-looking rainforest, and I slept there. It was amazing,” The New York Daily News quoted Broody as saying.

“I did put on a lot of weight ... some 25 pounds. I worked at becoming "ripped" [he cracks up] ... to give the fans what they want. I worked out as much as I could. I wasn``t having any alcohol or sugar or anything. I had to be very, very focused, and it`s amazing to see how different I look in the film. It`s fun,” he added.