Bruce Willis ‘regrets working in a dozen movies’

Sydney: Bruce Willis confessed that he regrets working about a dozen films of his career and should have avoided some roles.

"About a dozen. I`d love to strike them off the list," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted him as replying when asked if he regretted any of his films.

Despite having a few qualms about some of his movies, the 55-year-old action hero is all set to start filming a fifth ‘Die Hard’ film and isn`t thinking about retirement as if now.

"I think I could save the world five or six more times. Then I`m going to hand it over to Jason Statham, but right now I`m having a ball,” he told the Daily Record.

Bruce also said that he is also a huge fan of the new James Bond, Daniel Craig.

“I really like Daniel and I like his work. He got me away from all the old Bonds - apart from Sean Connery. So it`s not as if they aren`t looking for new young action stars and tough guys - but it`s a tough process," he explained.

In new movie ‘Red’, Willis plays former black ops agent Frank Moses who reassembles his old team when an assassin threatens his life.