Cameron Diaz impressed with Cruise`s stunts

London: Actress Cameron Diaz has been left in awe after seeing her `Knight and Day` co-star Tom Cruise performing his stunts brilliantly.

The 37-year-old actress was astonished by Cruise`s physical antics and thinks he was so good at the more challenging scenes in the action comedy, he could be a professional dare-devil, Contactmusic reported.

"Tom is amazing. He is like a professional stuntman.

If he wasn`t Tom Cruise, Movie Star. He would be the best stunt man in the business."

Diaz was so impressed by Crusie`s exploits, he has inspired her to push herself further in her own action scenes.

"I watched him jumping on top of cars and hanging on to the roof as I`m screaming behind the wheel and all I can think is, `How does he do that? I want to do that! I want to fly through the air. I want to fight. Give me some action scenes!`," Diaz said.