Cameron Diaz loves to do her own stunts

London: Cameron Diaz is an action-loving chick – the actress has revealed that she likes to do her own stunts.

The 37-year-old, who stars in the action comedy ‘Knight And Day’ with Tom Cruise, loved getting her hands - and feet - dirty as she prepared for her moves, which included spinning cars to sitting astride her co-star on a speeding motorcycle.

Cameron plays car restorer June, who goes on the run after a chance meeting with secret agent Roy.

"I love training for fight sequences - it`s a week of getting bruises, cuts and sprains, but it`s also a lot of fun," a news website quoted her as saying.

"When I went to the Golden Globes this year in the middle of filming Knight And Day, I had lumps up and down my arms and scraped knees. I loved it!" the star added.