Cameron Diaz urges parents not to destroy kids’ ‘Shrek’ dream

London: Actress Cameron Diaz has urged parents not to tell their kids that she’s Princess Fiona from the movie ‘Shrek’.

The actress has admitted that she’s often confronted by frivolous parents and puzzled youngsters, who have been told that the woman in front of them is the real Fiona.

"I`ve had parents come up and go, `you know who this is? This is Princess Fiona.` Kids are, like, literally crying with tears,” a news daily quoted the American actress as saying.

"I try to stop the moms before they tell them because, as a kid, you believe the characters you`re watching and you fall in love with them and you want them to be real. You don`t want to believe that there`s a human being behind them.

"It`s the same way you want to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. You don`t want that myth to be ruined and dispelled. Let Fiona exist as Fiona," she added.



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