Charlize Theron relied on ‘acting juice’ to get through scenes in new film

Washington: Charlize Theron has revealed that she relied on ‘a lot of alcohol’ to get through her scenes with Patton Oswalt in ‘Young Adult’.

Her co-star Oswalt also stated that the two used to drink plenty of alcohol, when they were rehearsing for their roles, since Theron ‘hates’ reading words out loud during rehearsals.

The blonde stunner is playing the role of an adult novelist in the movie, in which Oswalt plays her former classmate Matt.

“What did I need for rehearsal? A lot of alcohol. I don’t like rehearsal, and Jason doesn’t like rehearsal either. I hate table reads. I hate anything where you have to say the words out loud,” Contactmusic quoted Theron as telling

“We call it acting juice. We kind of got along right at the first table read. We were teasing each other, there was just something,” Oswalt said.

However, Theron admitted that she found performing read-throughs for her part to be a ‘huge problem’.

“It was a huge problem. Then Jason, he had done two table reads at his house previously, said, ‘Just come and do this,’ and I was like, ‘God dammit Jason, I might break out in hives and I hate this.’

“Jason was like, ‘No just read it, I just want to hear the words. Don’t feel pressure.’ Then this f****r was like to the map, and I’m sitting there going, ‘Are you kidding me? Are we going to do this now? Alright bitch, let’s go.’

“By page 20 we were at it, and I walked out and I knew we were going to make the film together,” she added.


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