Chinese James Bond movie on the card

Updated: Apr 25, 2011, 15:29 PM IST

Beijing: James Bond, the British superspy is all set to get a Chinese makeover.

A businessman here is seeking to raise USD 20 million from investors to fund a Chinese-style action adventure movie that he hopes will rival the original James Bond franchise.

Craig Quick, who is well known in the city`s music circles, presented a proposal to interested parties on April 24, including a summary of the film`s plot, as part of the Beijing Film Festival, official media reported.

"We are looking for 30 per cent of the budget from Chinese investors, 40 per cent from tax credits and financial incentives provided by Canadian, US and Mexican film- encouragement programs and 30 per cent from non-Chinese investors," Quick told China Daily.

"The tax credits and incentive programs are bankable, thus reducing the risk of loss to private investors to negligible levels. After the return of the original investment to the Chinese and international investors, the Chinese investors will share 50 per cent of the profits from distribution in the Asian market, from the Philippines to South Korea and from West China down to Laos, including Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia," he said.

"The international investors will get 50 per cent of the profits from international distribution. There will also be a merchandising program with video game rights, book rights, toy rights et cetera," he added.

The cast and director will be selected shortly.