Christina Aguilera made bosses of ‘Burlesque’ stalk Cher for film role

London: Singer-actress Christina Aguilera made movie bosses of ‘Burlesque’ stalk Cher until she agreed to sign up for the film.

"I was the first one to sign up to the movie and I knew when her name was brought up in conversations to play Tess, I was like, `Go after her, stalk her, sleep under her doorstep at night, she needs to be in this movie starring opposite me," a website quoted her as saying.

Aguilera, however, says she was incredibly shy when the ‘Believe’ superstar turned up on the sets.

"I was a little embarrassed when I first met her. I walked up to her and I said, `Hi Cher, nice to meet you, I`m the obsessed stalker that wants to drink your bath water`," she said.