Christopher Nolan set to direct `Batman 3`

Los Angeles: `Inception` director Christopher Nolan has confirmed that he will return to the director`s seat with the highly-anticipated third film in the `Batman` series.

Nolan had directed the last film in the franchise, `The Dark Knight` and rumours had been swirling for months over who will helm the latest project.

"I think you can at this point say, yes I am," the filmmaker answered when asked by Empire Online if people can assume that he is directing the next `Batman` film.

The man behind `Batman Begins` and `The Dark Knight` admitted that he is aware of the rumours, adding that everybody already knows the answer.

"It`s becoming inevitable, I`ll put it that way. I feel myself falling into it... I think that people probably all know at this point that I`m doing it," Christopher told the website.

Actor Michael Caine who plays Bruce Wayne`s butler Alfred in the franchise, has confirmed that filming will "probably start in May next year."

He additionally hinted that he will reprise his role in the upcoming film, saying "I assume I`m there."

Meanwhile the director`s brother, Jonathan Nolan, is working on the script of `Batman 3`.

"We came up with a story that we are very excited about. We particularly like where we are taking the characters and what the ending is," Jonathan had said back in June.

No cast has been officially announced for the film but Christian Bale is expected to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne. Warner Bros. Pictures eyes to release the action superhero flick on July 20, 2012 in the US.


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