Clint Eastwood`s `Go ahead, make my day` voted most iconic one-liner

London: In an online poll one-liner "Go ahead, make my day" by Clint Eastwood has been voted the most iconic film catchphrase.

One in five people taking part in the poll said the line in the 1983 movie `Sudden Impact` was their favourite, reports a news daily.

Arnold Schwarzenegger`s "I`ll be back", from `The Terminator`, was voted second most iconic film line, with "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" from `Dirty Dancing` third.

"Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates", Tom Hanks` much-quoted line from `Forrest Gump`, came fourth in the survey, with "Frankly my dear, I don`t give a damn" from `Gone with the Wind` completing the top five.

As many as 1,295 people took part in the online poll.


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