Colin Farrell to play vampire in `Fright Night`

London: Actor Colin Farrell is set to play a charismatic vampire in "Fright Night" as director Craig Gillespie feels he has a "dangerous" quality that epitomises the character.

"We were so lucky to get Colin. It was perfect. He epitomises the character in `Fright Night`. There`s a dangerous quality to him and he`s very charismatic. He`s a very dark version of what`s been in the vampire realm these days," director Craig Gillespie told Empire magazine.

Farrell, who plays sweet-talking bloodsucker Jerry in a modern day remake of the 1985 cult classic `Fright Night`, struggled to keep his character believable, reports

"I mean for sure you try to make things as real as possible. I have conversations with myself: `Well he wouldn`t do that`and I go `What the f**k, he`s 400 years old`. I mean really? Craig and I have had arguments on how far to push it and how far not to," he said.