Colin Farrell vampire bite ‘leaves Christopher Mintz-Plasse scarred for life’

London: Actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse has revealed that he has a permanent reminder of filming ‘Fright Night’ – a vampire bite wound!

Colin Farrell “punctured” his neck with his movie fangs and left him scarred.

“Colin had these prosthetic fangs on that were quite sharp... he punctured my neck and left me bleeding. He has scarred me for life,” The Sun quoted the 22-year-old American actor, as saying.

Mintz-Plasse also claimed Colin, 35, maimed a stunt man with his fangs on the ‘Fright Night’ set.

“He couldn`t control his blood lust. He`s trying to make it believable that he`s this blood-hungry vampire,” he added.


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