Colin Farrell wants to play unicorn

London: Actor Colin Farrell says he would not mind playing a unicorn in a film.

The Irish actor currently stars as vampire Jerry in a remake of classic 80s movie "Fright Night". He says such creatures appeal to people because of the mixture of "mythical" with human form. Farrell said he "wouldn`t mind" playing the one-horned fantasy creature, reports

"There`s something very sensual about the vampire. They`re very powerful, they`re timeless, and the act of the bite, whatever, is incredibly erotic. So there are a lot of reasons why people are fascinated by them, and they`re in human form," Farrell told

"So it`s an interesting mix of the mythical and the mystical within the human form. It doesn`t seem like too far a reach, like a unicorn. I wouldn`t mind being a unicorn, but it seems like it`s more possible for me to be a vampire somehow," he added.


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