Coming soon: `The Godfather` prequel

Updated: May 06, 2011, 09:24 AM IST

New York: Vito `Don` Corleone is set for another outing with his creator Mario Puzo`s unpublished story about the mob boss set to be retold in a new novel.

Puzo, who wrote the book upon which the classic `The Godfather` films were based and helped write the first two screenplays, had another Corleone story in his pocket, tracing Vito`s rise through the 1920`s and 30`s New York mob scene.

The tales took shape in a screenplay that went unproduced, but Puzo`s final story will be retold as a new novel, reported New York Times online.

The novel, to be titled `The Family Corleone` will be adapted by author Edward Falco from screenplay to book and released in June, 2012.

Perhaps the most acclaimed and notable set of films of the 20th century, `The Godfather` series told the story of the complicated machinations of the Corleone crime family, from Vito`s emigration from Italy to the backstabbing scramble by his sons to be his successor.

This isn`t the first time `The Godfather` has been revisited, Puzo himself wrote a sequel to his original novel, titled `The Sicilian` that heavily featured the Corleone