Dan Fogelman thrilled to have big star lineup

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2012, 08:59 AM IST

Los Angeles: Debutante director Dan Fogelman is excited to have signed big names like Al Pacino, Jeremy Renner and Julianne Moore for the movie `Imagine`.

The movie is said to be inspired from the life of musician John Lennon and Fogelman says he feels very strongly about this project.

"Every writer has `that one project` ... the one they feel so strongly about that they can`t bear to turn it over to anyone else. For me, that project is `Imagine`.

"It was a career highlight simply to get a script of mine into Al Pacino`s hands. To have him read it, and then want to star in it... it`s five steps past career highlight," deadline.com quoted him as saying.

The director could not believe this at first and says he wanted to get pinched to be sure it was not a dream.

"And now, to have Julianne Moore and Jeremy join the fray? It`s beyond my wildest dreams. I`ve been hiding in my house for the past few weeks, out of fear that someone would pinch me. We are going to make a very special film here," he said.

Fogelman is known as a writer with movies like `Tangled`, `Cars` and `Crazy, Stupid, Love`.