Daniel Craig finds it harder to strip off in Bond movies

London: Actor Daniel Craig says it is getting "harder and harder" to do nude scenes in the James Bond movies as he gets older.

The 44-year-old actor, who is returning for his third film as the iconic British spy in `Skyfall`, admitted he has "fun" taking his clothes off while portraying the secret agent and hopes it adds some "sexiness" to the 007 film franchise, reported the Evening Standard.

"I don`t actually read those bits. I don`t care how many times I have to do it. It`s going to be harder and harder the older I get. It`s just fun. There`s enough sexiness in the movie with the girls - and hopefully me as well - but it`s a little bit of a gag now," said Craig.

He stars opposite Javier Bardem in `Skyfall` and while he admitted there was no free time to spend with the 43-year-old star - who portrays latest Bond villain Raoul Silva - during filming, he is keen to watch a game of rugby with the `No Country For Old Men` actor when they get a chance.

"There`s just no time [to hang out], unfortunately. I`m on set every day. I wish we had more time. But we have a long year ahead of us, so hopefully we`ll see each other in a more chilled state," he said.

Craig admitted Bardem has put in a "superb" performance as Raoul thanks to his knowledge of how a successful Bond villain should act.

"Well, Javier is a brilliant actor, so that`s taken care of. He knows what a Bond villain is and he`s given it everything he`s got, which is a lot, let me tell you."