Daniel Craig hated motion capture outfit he wore in ‘Tintin’

London: ‘James Bond’ star Daniel Craig has revealed his humiliating experience shooting Spielberg’s 3-D performance capture film ‘Tintin’ two years ago, in which he played the role of Pirate Red Rackham.

The recently wed actor says he was forced to greet stars including Clint Eastwood while sporting the motion capture outfit - the embarrassing skintight leotard – that he hated.

Craig admits the legendary moviemaker drew a number of famous faces to the set, and he was left red-faced as he met them wearing his super-tight costume.

"We shot it in mo-cap (motion capture). Which is like: ``F**k me, I``m literally in a leotard with a f**king helmet on, and a camera strapped to it``... (Because Spielberg was directing) every f**ker in the world comes to visit... (including) Clint f**king Eastwood... (I``m thinking) ``I``m gonna meet these people dressed like this? Playing a pirate, wearing a leotard and a camera?``the Daily Star quoted him as telling Esquire magazine.


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