Daniel Craig replaces David Attenborough as new voice of BBC nature films

London: Daniel Craig, better known by cinema-goers as James bond, is set to replace Sir David Attenborough, Britain`s greatest broadcasting naturalist, as the voice of BBC nature films.

Craig has been chosen to spearhead an attempt by the BBC to use natural history to generate millions of pounds from international film audiences and ease the acute funding problems at the corporation, reports the Independent.

In his first venture into film narration, he will feature in ‘One Life’, a film that uses footage from the acclaimed BBC series Life, which has been hosted by Sir David since it first appeared as Life On Earth in 1979.

Craig said he was "very proud" to be part of the project. "The BBC Natural History Unit have proven, year after year, that their documentary skills are second to none," he said.

"For the filmmakers who spend their entire lives recording beautiful images of dwindling wildlife, I have only a sense of awe and a deep rooted respect, he added.

Amanda Hill, managing director of the BBC Earth and Walking with Dinosaurs brands at BBC Worldwide, said the intention was to make films that were "as entertaining as they are informative".


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