Daniel Radcliffe happy with ‘Harry Potter’ franchise coming to an end

Washington: It was a role that turned him into a star, but Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he is glad the Harry Potter books and films have finally come to an end, because the boy wizard`s story finished in a ‘perfect way’.

He also expressed hopes that J.K. Rowling doesn`t write any more sequels.

"I`m the only person in the world that doesn`t want there to be an eighth ``Harry Potter`` book,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling Britain`s Star magazine.

"Believe me, I`ve given 10 years - I can! I think it``s been an amazing 10 years and I would be quite happy for it to finish at this point because the stories were rounded off in such a succinct and perfect way,” he added.

Despite his reluctance to return to the franchise, Radcliffe will always be "proud" of his work on the movie series.

"Every opportunity I will get for the rest of my life, I would not have got if it wasn`t for Harry Potter. It would be the height of ingratitude if I was ever anything but proud to be associated with these films,” he added.