Darth Vader actor David Prowse banned from attending `Star Wars` events

London: David Prowse has revealed that he has been banned from attending any `Star Wars` events because he "annoyed" George Lucas.

The 75-year-old star, who plays the physical form of Darth Vader in the `Star Wars`, wrote on his website that he could not attend an upcoming conference or any "Lucasfilm associated event".

"The only thing I`ve been told is I`ve burnt too many bridges between Lucasfilm and myself," the Sun quoted Prowse as saying.

The actor added that Lucas had accused him of leaking reports of Vader`s death.

Prowse also asserted he was not paid a fair share of profits from the last film.

"Dave never received much money for his role and was always shoved to the side. He believes he`s been an embarrassment or annoying to Lucas. But he lives for conventions. So to strip this from him too is heartbreaking," said a friend.