David Guggenheim to write `Bad Boys 3`?

PTI| Updated: Dec 12, 2013, 14:57 PM IST

Los Angeles: David Guggenheim is being eyed to write the script for `Bad Boys 3`.

The Hollywood screenwriter, best known for writing the hit Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds flick `Safe House`, is being eyed to write the long-planned third film in the action comedy franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, reported Ace Showbiz.

Sony Pictures are hoping to lure back Smith and Lawrence to star in the third feature. But it`s not yet known if director Michael Bay - who helmed the first two films - will return to the franchise, however, he will receive a producing credit.

The actors play quick-talking undercover police officers who find themselves in awkward predicaments as they try to solve the crime at hand.

`Bad Boys` was first launched in 1995 and it took nearly eight years for the stars and director to come back for a 2003 sequel.

`Bad Boys` was produced on a USD 19 million budget and grossed USD 141 million worldwide. The sequel was produced on a USD 130 million budget, which it doubled in gross, taking USD 273 million worldwide.

Smith is enjoying a renaissance of past roles of late as he has also been approached to return for an `Independence Day` sequel, set for 2016.