David Schwimmer wants strict law against online pornography

London: Hollywood actor David Schwimmer says he is horrified to find the easy accessibility of inappropriate contents on the internet available for youngsters.

The 44-year-old actor fears that easy access to unsuitable content online can lead to the loss of innocence in children, Contactmusic reported.

The `Friends` star, who has stepped into the director`s shoes for his upcoming film `Trust`, says he struggled to buy a copy of `Playboy` magazine during his teenage days.

"When I was 13 it was a real challenge to get your hands on Playboy. But today unfortunately most kids before the age of 13 have seen pornography online and not just a still image - moving pictures.

"If you`re a nine-or-10-year-old, and your first encounter with sexuality is some kind of pornography online, than that`s definitely a loss of innocence," said Schwimmer.

The star who is a long-time campaigner for the `Rape Foundation` in California, is also unhappy with the provocative display of brand advertising.

"There used to be a big uproar about Brooke Shields in her jeans 15, 20 years ago, but now people take it for granted.

"I find it pretty disturbing to see a huge billboard in New York - you see a young girl that looks 15 maybe, although you can`t tell. You`re like, `Wait a minute she`s in her underwear on the floor of a dirty hotel room or something.` But you just drive by and you`re used to it. I think it`s a problem..." adds the actor.

The actor`s directorial venture `Trust` tells the story of a teenager who is lured to a motel for sex by an online predator old enough to be her father.

The film stars Clive Owen, Catherine Keener and Liana Liberato.