Demi Moore replaces Sarah Jessica Parker in `Wild Oats`

PTI| Last Updated: Jun 12, 2014, 15:44 PM IST

Los Angeles: Actress Demi Moore will replace `Sex And The City` star Sarah Jessica Parker in the upcoming comedy `Wild Oats`.

Shirley MacLaine leads the cast of `Wild Oats` as Eva, who takes her best friend (Jessica Lange) on a crazy adventure after mistakenly getting a USD 900,000 social security check, reportedly.

Moore, 51, is replacing Parker just over a month after the former `Sex and the City` actress was announced to be joining `Wild Oats`.

There has been no public explanation as to why Parker is leaving the project. `Wild Oats` will be directed by Andy Tennant, whose previous credits include `Fool`s Gold` and `Hitch`.

The film is expected to be released next year.