Demi Moore was keen on watching `JOBS`

Los Angeles: Actress-producer Demi Moore reportedly wanted to secretly watch estranged husband Ashton Kutcher`s film `JOBS`.

The 50-year-old was said to be persuading showbiz friends for a private screening of the movie at her house.

"Demi`s scared to get caught going to see Ashton at the movies, that`s why she wants to view it in the privacy of her own home," quoted a source as saying.

"She`s even considered disguising herself and taking the plunge, but knows she`d be so embarrassed if she was caught watching it by anyone," the source added.

Moore is said to be still obsessed with Kutcher.

"Demi knows there`s no chance of Ashton taking her back, but she just can`t seem to shake her obsession with him. She even taped all his TV appearances promoting `JOBS` and just keeps watching them...over and over again," the source said.

They ended their six-year-long marriage after Kutcher was caught cheating on Moore with other women in 2011. He is now in a relationship with actress Mila Kunis.