Dev relied on me for Indian accent in Slumdog: Freida Pinto

London: Mumbai-born actress Freida Pinto said that his co-star and beau Dev Patel was nervous before signing `Slumdog Millionaire` and turned to her for advice on how to perfect his Indian accent.

Pinto, 26, helped coach the star with his Indian twang and advised him to avoid impersonating actors on comedy show, a website reported.

"With the accent, he was a bit nervous. But all I told him was, `Don`t do the whole Goodness Gracious Me thing.` That just makes it very comical and it`s not required for `Slumdog Millionaire`," she said.

But Pinto now wants her boyfriend to return the favour, by teaching her how to be funny on screen.

"I always tell him that he`s got to teach me. His comic timing is like no other. He`s got it, it`s just effortless," she added.


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