Diane Keaton felt intimidated by De Niro

London: Actress Diane Keaton says she used to feel intimidated by Robert De Niro but after working together on new movie `The Big Wedding` she no more feels the same.

The 66-year-old stars alongside the Hollywood legend in new movie, which releases in October, reported Contactmusic.

"Mr Robert De Niro. My god. A legend and also a dear man. He`s very kind. It`s like, oh, he`s so kind. Why is he so kind? And he`s quiet. But he`s a lovely man. I really like him. He loves his family.

"You don`t think of him that way when you only know him from a distance. I did a movie with him called `Marvin`s Room` a long time ago, but he was a producer. I didn`t really know him and he was intimidating to me. But things change," she said.