Diaz enjoyed doing R-rated movie

Updated: Aug 16, 2011, 14:33 PM IST

London: Cameron Diaz, who will be seen in "Bad Teacher", admits she enjoyed making an adults only movie for a change.

"How can you not enjoy R-rated stuff? That`s what we do this for. We didn`t do this movie thinking we were doing a PG or PG-13. We were doing an R-rated movie," she told MTVindia.com.

"Bad Teacher", set to releases in India Aug 19, will see Diaz playing a teacher who not only drinks alcohol but also smokes marijuana. And instead of teaching her students, she sleeps through her class.

She admits it was tricky filming the adult movie, revolving around a school and students.

"Before we started filming, we made sure that all the kids and all the parents knew what the project was going to be like," she said.

"I said: `There`s going to be swearing here and completely irreverent and inappropriate behaviour. If you have any issue with that, we respect that, but this isn`t the place for you.` And then we got started."