Disney gets trademark for `Seal Team 6`

London: Walt Disney Company has proactively acquired the trademark for `Seal Team 6` - the name of the US Special Forces team that killed Osama bin Laden - for making toys, games, movies, snow globes and Christmas stockings.

It has emerged that Disney had filed the Trademark paperwork two days after the terror mastermind was killed in a U.S. operation.

According to reports, Disney has applied to use the name for ``entertainment and education services``.

A separate request by the company lists ``clothing, footwear and headwear``.

A third request lists: ``Toys, games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles (except clothing); hand-held units for playing electronic games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; Christmas stockings; Christmas tree ornaments and decorations; snow globes``.

It is currently unclear how, when or even if Disney will indeed produce products under the banner of Seal Team 6, but it seems they at least are retaining the possibility.

In the same online database, a trademark is listed as expired for California-based NovaLogic, Inc, makers of military-themed video games.

NovaLogic had filed an application on March 9, 2004 for ``Seal Team 6`` for ``games and playthings, namely action figures and accessories therefore``.

That record was said to be ``abandoned`` on September 9, 2006.